How Often to Water Snake Plant?

snake plant watering guide

How Often to Water Snake Plant?

Snake Plant  (also called Sansevieria or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue) is a popular type of houseplant featuring drought tolerance. But still, like others, the Snake plant also requires proper watering. It differs a bit from normal plants. So, how often should you water your snake plant?

Well, a good rule of thumb is to water your snake plant after every 1 or 2 weeks. But this is not the ideal way to water your plant. Because the snake plant water needs vary on different factors e.g. soil type, humidity, temperature, plant size, maturity, etc.

If you are eager to make the best schedule for your snake plant, keeping these factors in mind is mandatory. With my experience of 5+ years with snake plants, I have seen so many people rotting the roots by inappropriate watering!

So, to ensure proper watering, the easiest process is to maintain a watering schedule. Can you make time?

Nothing to worry about dear garden lover! I have prepared a brief but in-depth guideline for you. This guide will be enough to let you understand properly when, how, and why you should or shouldn’t water your snake plant.

There are hacks for different seasons that I am applying to take care of my own ones. 

snake plant
Snake plant indoor in winter

Best schedule to water snake plant [step by-step Guide]

To make the best watering schedule for your snake plant, you have to consider the Watering Frequency properly. Remember few things about snake plants-

  1. Snake plants don’t need much water. Watering once a week or after every 10 days is enough.
  2. You can increase the frequency of watering if the temperature is higher or the plant is much bigger.
  3. Make the finger test every time watering to avoid unwanted overwatering.
  4. Remember, the lesser, the safer, for snake plant watering. So, if you are not sure how often to water your snake plant, I will suggest you water it at a lower volume.
  5. The soil will tell you when to water. Follow the moisture condition of the soil. For example, if you notice that the soil is dry after only 3 days, you may need to water more often.


Which Factors Affect Snake Plant Watering Needs?

There are several factors e.g. soil type, humidity, temperature, plant size, maturity, etc, that affect the need for water for snake plant’s growth.

  • Soil type:  The Snake Plant likes soil that has a proper aeration system. It helps the water go away quickly without sticking to the roots of the snake plant.  So the roots don’t stay in the water too long. This helps the plant stay healthy and not have serious problems like root rot with too much water.
  •  Humidity: The Snake Plant prefers lower humidity levels, around 40-60%. High humidity can cause issues such as yellowing leaves and fungal growth. Keep an eye on the humidity level in the room where the plant is placed. You can also create humid condition free of cost for your plant if needed!
  •  Size and maturity: The size and maturity of the Snake Plant affect how much water it needs. For example, a mature, large Snake Plant may need to be watered once a week, whereas a smaller or younger plant may only need to be watered once every 10-14 days. Keep an eye on the size of your plant and adjust the watering accordingly.
  •  Time of year and temperature: 
    • In the summer when the temperature is high, the Snake Plant may need to be watered more often because the soil dries out faster. If the room where the Snake Plant is placed is kept at a higher temperature, the plant will transpire (lose water) more quickly, so you might need to water it more often.
    •  In the winter when the temperature is low, the Snake Plant may need to be watered less often because the soil stays moister longer.
snake plant
Snake plant

Overwatering problems of Snake plants

  1. Root rot
  2. Yellowing of leaves
  3. Browning of leaf tips
  4. Fungal growth
  5. Reduced growth and vitality.
  6. Wilting or drooping leaves
  7. Mushy or soft stem
  8. Slow or stunted growth

Underwatering problems of Snake plants

  1. Dry, brittle leaves
  2. Brown or crispy leaf tips
  3. Slow or stunted growth
  4. Wilting or drooping leaves
  5. Reduced overall health of the plant


The snake plant is a drought-tolerant plant, but proper watering is still important for its overall health and growth. It prefers well-draining soil and infrequent watering, typically once every 1-2 weeks.

Avoid overwatering, as it can lead to root rot and other issues. Factors such as humidity, room temperature, and the size and maturity of the plant can also affect its watering needs. Use the finger test or weight test to determine when the plant needs water.


1. Should I water my snake plant every day?

No, you shouldn’t water snake plants every way. The most preferable schedule is to water after every 7-10 days. You can also manually check the soil and water only when it is dry. Overwatering is strongly prohibited as it can cause root rot in snake plants.

2. How long can a snake plant go without water?

Snake plants can go a long period of time without water- approximately 7 to 1o days or more. Depending upon environmental factors like temperature, humidity, etc., the snake plants can survive even up to a month without watering.

3. How to water snake plants from the bottom?

Watering plants from the bottom is nothing much complicated. Fill a tray or saucer with water. And then place it under the pot.

4. How much to water a large snake plant?

The water amount doesn’t vary much regarding the size of the snake plant. If it is too large, watering once after every 3-4 days is enough.

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