How to grow periwinkle flowers in your garden?

periwinkle pink flower

How to grow periwinkle flowers in your garden?

If you are fond of flowers, then periwinkle is a must-wonder you with its beautiful bloom! You can easily grow periwinkle in your yard; whatever blue, pink, or white variety.

Because periwinkle is a drought-resistant plant and so requires less care to grow. I have even seen pink periwinkles blooming at the rooftop edges. The fun part is, no one even seeded them there!


2 Easy ways to grow periwinkle in your garden

There are multiple ways to grow a periwinkle plant:

1. Grow periwinkle from seed

Growing plant from seed is the most common, popular, and ancient way of the plantation, right?

Periwinkles are nothing exceptional. You can buy periwinkle seeds of it from any flower seed store; offline or online.

  • Seeds are  cheap in price
  • Numerous color varieties are available e.g. pink, white, blue, red-pink, etc.

Then simply place it in potted soil or directly in the garden bed. It will take nearly 7-10 days to see the initial sprouts!

madagascar periankle white flower
White Madagascar Periwinkle Flower

2. Grow periwinkle from stem cutting

Stem cutting is a great way to have a periwinkle plant in a quicker time. It will take only 2-3 days to come out roots in your cutting when planted in soil. Still, you can add a precautionary procedure while trying to grow periwinkles from cutting.

Rooting hormone will ensure the rooting of the cutting. There are other natural ways also to enhance rooting in stem cutting like using Aloe vera. But you need not be that bothered by rooting periwinkles actually. mostly putting the cut into the soil is way enough.

Hope you will be succeeded to have this wonderful flower in your garden or yard! 

Happy gardening!!! 

Tarek Siddiki Taki

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