How to increase humidity for houseplants?

increase humidity for houseplants

How to increase humidity for houseplants?

Do you have houseplants like Christmas cactus, snake plants, spider plants, or monstera? Some houseplants demand humid conditions in an uncertain timescale of the year. In this article, I came up with the best applicable ways to create and increase humidity for your houseplants.

7 best ways to increase humidity for indoor plants

1. By An Electric Air Humidifier

If you want to increase humidity for your indoor plants quickly, then a humidifier can be the best option. Once you bring an electric humidifier, you need not do anything more.

Just set the humidifier according to your required amount of humidity. It will create and keep maintain that much humidity for your indoor plants! 

In this way, this amazing device will increase humidity up to any level as per your demand! A happy note is that you can also use it during specific periods of the day. 

air humidifier near plant
Air humidifier near plant


2. Use A Humidity Tray

It is a simple and budget-friendly way to increase humidity for your houseplants. It is very easy to prepare a humidity tray. All you need to take is a tray filled with water and some pebbles. Then place the tray beneath your plant pot. Your work is finished!

After the placement, water situated in the tray begins vaporing. As a result, humidity rises up in your houseplants.

3. Make a high-humid ecosystem

If you own a bunch of humidity-loving plants, then I have an exciting hack for you! You can place all of your humidity lovers together and make a colony. Such a colony will create an ecosystem with higher humidity. Besides, the plants will not dry up faster than before when they were alone.

4. Use Terrarium or Humidity box

You can put your houseplant within a closed terrarium or humidity box. In this way, the terrarium or box will effectively trap and increase humidity in your plant. 

However, if your plant is small in size, then a closed terrarium is a better option. Remember! Your terrarium should get enough light. If not, then set up a LED light nearby. 

seed germination under humidity box
Seed germination under humidity box


5. Bagging

This is another easy hack to help you increase humidity in your houseplant. First, you need to take a transparent bag with maximum sunlight permeability. Then make your plant wear the bag and tie it up with a rubber band or something else. 

Now the bag will trap in the humidity and consequently increase it.! Anyway, the bag should be spacious enough to not touch the leaves of your plant. Otherwise, diseases like leaf rot will occur. 

6. Use A Water container

Here is another budget-friendly technique for you! You can take any water container like jars or bowls and keep it close to your house plants. After that, the water of the container will evaporate and the rest you know well. That is humidity will increase in your houseplants. 

However, you have to keep changing the water to avoid insects, larvae, or some other infections. 

7. Misting or spraying water

This is a quick way to increase in humidity of your houseplant temporarily. In this way, you will just need a spray bottle for spraying water over the plants. After spraying, water will evaporate and keep increasing humidity for a short period. 

However, be cautious about the quantity of spray. Otherwise, too much water will bring in the possibility of fungal and bacterial disease.

That’s all for today. Let us know if these hacks worked for you or not!

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